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About Me

Welcome to Lena Karabushin Photography! I love taking photographs of families at outdoor locations in natural light. My portraits are clean, modern, soulful, and sincere.

I was born in Ukraine and spent my carefree childhood there. I have lived in Colorado for 25 years, taught ESL for 16 years and photographed professionally for 8 years. I am married with three children, my favorite, if not often grumpy, subjects to capture on camera. Besides always doing or thinking about photography, I love reading books, learning languages, hiking, traveling to different cities and countries, drinking green tea, cooking, and going to the theater.

My goal and passion is to capture the beauty and uniqueness of each person and relationships between loved ones and friends in an unobtrusive yet personable manner. Words I never use during photo sessions are "Smile!" and "Look at the camera!" A person's true personality comes out while interacting with the surroundings, nature, and loved


A pensive look.

A quiet touch.

An unexpected giggle.

Captured on camera to cherish forever.

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