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Class of 2018 Photo Session: Julia

I think the high school generation is truly a great one. These kids are passionate, hard-working, decent, while being under immense pressure to perform and excel. The young people I meet through my kids and during senior photo sessions always awe and impress me. And even among these impressive kids, Julia, a senior at Vista Peak, blew me away. I always meet with my new photo clients a week or so before the session for coffee or ice cream to casually get to know them, answer any questions, and establish rapport. When I met Julia and her Mom at Legends Coffee, she struck me as calm and poised (and beautiful!), but underneath that quiet confidence lay tremendous strength, motivation, perseverance, and intelligence. Julia has already achieved a lot in school, sports, and has gotten her foot in the door of the medical field. She made it sound so easy!

Julia also surprised me that she wanted to do an early morning photo session, which is highly rare for high school students, naturally. I don't get a chance to shoot in the beautiful morning light too often, so I was very excited, and suggested one of my most favorite photo locations at Cherry Creek State Park (I like to think it's my secret location). The light was magical, Julia looked stunning, but the mosquitoes were vicious! In spite of getting constantly bit, we had a wonderful time. I was happy to get to know Julia more (my photo sessions are more like walking and talking anyway), and she admitted that it was a good chance to take a pause in her busy schedule and enjoy nature. I was delighted that her calm, graceful, intelligent personality came through in the images.

The kids are alright!

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