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Class of 2018 Photo Session: Ryan

I have known Ryan since he was 5 years old, a spunky little boy, who took Russian classes with my daughter at our Denver JCC every Monday night. They learned to read and write in Russian, recited poems, sang songs, made crafts, and played games with their Russian-speaking friends. In the meanwhile, his Mom Irene and I chatted and quickly became friends.

Ryan has grown into a tall, handsome, intelligent, funny young man who loves his family, his heritage, and anything that has to do with engineering. I always enjoy his company, and I was thrilled to take his senior photos last summer. We met downtown Denver and walked for a few hours, talking about colleges (he got into his reach school Georgia Tech!), SAT scores, traveling, books, and food. I am so happy that the photos we took reflect his confidence, maturity, and charisma.

Today, we will be celebrating his graduating and leaving for college, and I know that Ryan will find his path and do amazing things along the way!

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