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Class of 2018 Senior Photo Session: Alex

If I were still in high school, I'd want Alex to be my BFF (many years ago, long before the acronym was coined). She is both mature and wise, and super silly and unpretentious. She is the nanny every kid wants, and every parent trusts. She is a serious, beautiful dancer, and loves making crazy faces (I have a whole photo collection of them). I am so glad she is my daughter's friend.

It was no surprise to me at all that when Alex attended classes at the community college where I teach her senior year, she fit right in with the adult students. She is ready to go out into the world and conquer it! And she will do it with a smile, confidence, and grace.

For our senior photo session last summer, Alex picked a local park with a white silo and a barn. There were thunderstorms in the forecast for that evening, but the sun shone through the treetops until it set behind the mountains, just for Alex.

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