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Class of 2019 Senior Photo Session: Paige

One of my favorite things about Paige is that she appreciates my cooking, even the more peculiar dishes, like beet salad (which my kids love) or beef tongue (which my kids despise even looking at). I always looked forward to Paige popping in for quick lunch with my daughter between their classes last year. Paige is energetic and jovial, easy to talk to, and funny. Her main talent and passion is dance, and she's amazing!

On the day of Paige's photo session, the usual summer afternoon storm was brewing. The light was beautiful as we walked around the 17-Mile House Farm taking photos and chatting, but when went to our second location at a park, the skies opened and it poured. We didn't despair, though, knowing Colorado's quick-changing weather, and after 15 minutes, the sun came out, and it was even more beautiful! A few months later, Paige and I met again for a dance senior photo shoot because you can never have too many photo sessions. Check out Paige's leaps!

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