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Class of 2019 Senior Photo Session: Laurelee

My high school senior clients are typically glad to get my help with deciding on the location of their photo session. Laurelee had a vision. She wanted a photo shoot like no other. Indoor. Elegant. Timeless. She already had her outfits chosen. I was excited and honored she wanted me to execute her vision. I also love photo challenges that break up my routine and comfortable settings, so I started brainstorming and researching beautiful indoor locations downtown that would reflect Laurelee's wishes. After dealing with a few hiccups like permits, Laurelee chose two spots: the Union Station and Oxford Hotel. I couldn't help myself, and made sure to have interesting facts ready about each location for Laurelee, especially since she had never visited either before. You know, like that the Oxford Hotel is the oldest hotel in Denver. Or how the Union Station and the area around it was transformed a few decades ago. On the day of our shoot, I was feeling grateful about Laurelee's concept because it was close to 100 degrees outside, and an indoor session was perfect for this July day. Miraculously, the photos inside the Union Station look like it was just us there whereas it was a pretty busy day with lots of people coming and going and finding respite from the heat outside. The session was just a joy. Laurelee is a charming, bright young woman who told me about her plans beyond high school. Her Mom was with us too, just as charming, and we commiserated about our daughters leaving for college soon, although mine is the oldest and Laurelee is the baby of the family. Laurelee did look elegant, timeless and graceful in front of my camera, and I think the photographs I delivered to her family do too.

I've kept in touch with Laurelee and her Mom, as I do with many of my clients, and Laurelee never stopped to amaze me. I knew that she was taking classes at the University of Colorado in Denver during her senior year and that she dreamed about becoming a doctor. I was thrilled to hear that she became a recipient of the Daniels Fund Scholarship, which gives her a full ride to the school of her dream, Knox College, in addition to other scholarships she received. She also made the front page of her school district's newspaper - how incredible is that? With all these achievements and accolades, Laurelee has remained a sweet, humble girl with remarkable drive and determination. Thank you for trusting me with your senior photographs, Laurelee and Teri!

Please contact me for your senior and/or family photos, especially if you have a special vision like Laurelee did. I'd love to execute it for you!

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