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Class of 2020 Senior Photo Session: Abby

When Abby and her Mom met me at Legends coffee shop for us to get to know each other, Abby and I stayed to chat for at least 30 minutes after her Mom had to to run to work. We went way beyond what she envisioned for her senior session (funky and unique). We talked about her classes, and Peer Buddies, and where she wanted to go to college. Did I tell you I love talking to young people? They are so sincere and are bursting with ideas and emotions. I also think that a high schooler who can hold a conversation with an adult passes a maturity test in my book. I am saying that Abby is an unforgettable young woman with poise, spunk, and sense of humor.

Abby chose a sunrise senior photo session at the Seventeen Mile Farm House and McCabe Meadows Park. It was a quiet, hazy August morning, and in the Colorado fashion there were mosquitoes abound, but instead of being annoyed by them, Abby giggled every time they descended on her. I captured lots of those giggles!

As Abby starts the last quarter of her senior year online next week, not at all as she envisioned it to happen, I will think of her often. I remember her as a strong young woman, and I can't wait to hear about her victories and adventures in college and beyond.

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