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Class of 2020 Senior Session: Mariam

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

I have known Mariam's beautiful Mom Emebet for more than 20 years, and I visited her at the hospital when her firstborn Mariam came into the world, on July 4th. Emebet and I have kept in touch through the years, and I was overcome with joy when she asked me to be Mariam's senior photographer. Mariam chose downtown Denver, and we got lucky with a beautiful, warm, sunny afternoon, walking and talking for hours. She looked beautiful, confident, and relaxed, completely comfortable in front of my camera.

Once Mariam's senior photos were ready, I visited their home to assist with putting together a photo order. Emebet had a cooking lesson ready for me, since I mentioned that I wanted to learn how to cook a few Ethiopian dishes. She showed me how to make lentil sauce to go with injera, a delicious yeasty bread, we sat down with her family and a few of Mariam's friends, and only after dinner we started looking at the photos.

I texted Mariam a few days ago to catch up and see how her senior year was going, considering that the schools have been closed, and we all were on quarantine. She was in good spirits, and shared with me that she decided to go to the University of Colorado in Boulder to study Engineering next year. Can't wait to see what the future holds for Mariam, and hope to see her in Boulder when we visit our daughter there!

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