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Mother's Day Photo Session: Lolitta and Yulianna

When my three children were little, gift giving seemed effortless (albeit, not cheap). Wrapped boxes, with mostly plastic, loud presents inside. While they were excited to open them, not many of the presents were truly loved or extensively used. My daughter, however, treasured the art and craft supplies and kits. My middle son spent hours in imaginative play with his LEGO pirate ships. My youngest fiercely loved all his stuffed animals. This guy also felt immense guilt and anguish about the presents he didn't play with. I, in turn, was feeling smothered by the amount of THINGS we had in our house that had no use and didn't bring us joy. As the children grew older, we struggled coming up with gift ideas for them, and even they themselves said, "Mom, I don't need anything!" Occasionally, we knew exactly what item would make their eyes sparkle, like books or musical instruments. But gradually, I became inspired to look beyond things and boxes to events and experiences, and now it is one of my favorite tasks. We've given theater and concert tickets, cooking, sewing, and singing classes, and even trips. Sometimes they are theater tickets for five of us, and other times they are tickets or classes to enjoy with one of the children's friends. But we always get five-star reviews from the kids, we save the tickets in a special fancy box we keep in our family room, and there are always more plays or shows to see, or more places to travel.

Where am I going with this? Gifting a photo session falls into this wonderful category of experiences, with the added bonus of the captured memories to keep forever. It is also a great gift for the adult children to give to their parents. Yulianna texted me about giving her Mom a Mother's Day photo session, and I was thrilled. Yulianna and her Mom Lolitta are best friends. They are fierce supporters of each other. They call and text each other many, many times a day. Their photo session turned out fun and loving, like they are. I asked them questions like what they admire most about each other and what they love most doing together (the way I usually do during photo session to invoke genuine expressions). There was a lot of laughter, but there were a few happy tears as well. Yulianna's adorable Schnauzer Daisy played the part of the grand-puppy perfectly as the two women fawned over her.

If you would like to book me for a Mother's Day session, I'd love to be your photographer! Email, text, or call me, and we will set up the initial consultation.

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