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Class of 2019 Senior Photo Session: Danny

Danny's Mom and I went to high school together and graduated the same year. Natalya immigrated to the US three years before me and was that kind person to reassure me and and show me the ropes. So, of course, it was more than special when she reached out to me for her son's Danny's senior photos. How cool is it that our firstborns also graduate the same year and are going to the same University?!

Danny is an extraordinary young man. Determined, focused, brilliant, and so sweet and kind. In high school, he's already accomplished so much. CU Boulder School of Engineering is lucky to have Danny next year. I can't wait to hear about his journey.

Danny asked for a downtown photo session. We walked around LoDo and chatted about his love for travel, him shadowing a neurosurgeon, and, of course, SAT scores. Best of luck to you, Danny!

If you are looking for a senior photographer, I'd love to capture these memories for you. Call, text, or email you, so we can schedule the initial consultation.

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