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Class of 2018 Senior Photo Session: Bella

Bella loves horses. I've never even sat on a horse, but I am fascinated by these graceful, strong animals as well as by people who form bonds with them. I like to think that horse people understand something about life that the rest of us don't. Maybe about kindness. Maybe about power. Bella certainly has a mysterious air about her, that quiet confidence and something extra wonderful you can't put your finger on. The most striking thing about Bella's photos to me is her Mona Lisa smile. Oh, and those big, beautiful eyes.

Bella, her Mom, and I met at my favorite "secret" spot at the Cherry Creek State Park last fall for her senior photo session. It was that magical fall time in Colorado when most of the leaves have turned golden, but the evening air is still warm. When we walked deeper into the park, Bella looked like a princess of the woods in her white dress.

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