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Class of 2020 Senior Session: Jake

Jake, a senior at Cherokee Trails High School, did not expect for his spring semester to end abruptly with a quarantine. He was studying, training for lacrosse games, looking forward to several college coaches see him play to finally make his college decision based on their offers (and on so many other factors!). Instead, he sent a game video to the coaches and kept himself busy helping his family around the house: cleaning out the garage, remodeling their basement, and even creating a new dance space for his younger sister. Yes, in addition to learning online. I am in awe of young people like Jake rising above the disappointment and uncertainty and cope with grace and hard work. I was happy to hear from his Mom a few weeks ago that Jake just signed a commitment letter to study architecture and play lacrosse at Cornell College in Iowa!

When Jake had his senior photo session early last fall, it was impossible to imagine such an unusual end to his senior year. Jake's Mom, who is my dance mom friend, and his sister, who dances with my younger son, joined us on the photo shoot at Castlewood Canyon early in the morning. This is a picturesque location, but also is quite a hike all the way to the bottom of the canyon and more slowly back up to the parking lot. Jake is a laid-back, polite, and funny guy. We captured a multitude of smiling and serious poses, but my favorite shots are probably of Jake's goofing off, making silly faces and poses, and making his Mom and Sister laugh. Looking at his photo today, I am overwhelmed at how much has happened since then and how much pride and sadness of Jake leaving Colorado his family must be feeling. I am grateful that I am not losing my connection to Jake's family as our kids dance together and I continue taking all the dance photos. I can't wait to hear about Jake's college life and all the amazing things he does in the future.

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